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Gerry, Get Your Gun

Gerry Bracewell

This book tells the story of Gerry Bracewell, the first female licenced hunt guide in British Columbia. Delve into the adventures and challenges of breaking into a male dominated industry and living in the wilderness.

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Gerry Bracewell: Guide Outfitter, Pioneer, Matriarch

Charlie Botting

Published for Gerry’s 100th birthday in 2022, this book tells the story of how Gerry became the first female hunt guide and how her legacy is inspiring the next generation of female wilderness guides.


Lead Like a Lead Mare

Charlie Botting

By learning from lead mare horses, readers discover the values and principles that make an empowered female leader in her work, commmunity, family, friend, intimate and parenting relationships.

CAD $24.95

The Mountain in My Mind

Charlie Botting

This book tells the story of Charlie Botting, who shares the successes and struggles of learning to be a wilderness mentor guide. These adventures are brought to life by the mountain horses and unparalleled terrain of the South Chilcotin Mountains of British Columbia.


The Mountain in My Mind eBook

Charlie Botting

This eBook is the digital version of The Mountain in My Mind. Enjoy this story of life in the South Chilcotin Mountains in PDF format.


Intentional Work

Lea Dahlke

The synergy between an organization that empowers and employee that takes responsibility. A case study of Chilcotin Holidays.



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